On Tap brings agile, freelance resource for your new product or service innovation project. It's the opportunity to bring in experienced innovation design to accelerate your project. A fresh pair of eyes and the flexibility to add resource when you need it.

At On Tap, innovation is not an end in itself, something just to tick a box. Nor is it about making something incredible, but that’s too expensive, exclusive and niche to achieve big growth. It's for making our mark together, by making something brilliant, that brings the new customers you’re going for.


The innovation answer is already emerging inside every business. Great ideas need sharp customer insight and some hands-on product nurturing together, to gain momentum and get to market faster.

Critical to design-led thinking is tightly defining the customer problem or frustration that you’re looking to solve, and then carrying that through the whole innovation process, right through to launch communications.


OLD, SLOW innovation

Old innovation and NPD processes followed a rigid order: customer research, create ideas, define new products, research again, create a detailed business case, write complicated product requirements, form project delivery team, build the product, hit lots of technical challenges, finish product, test it, adjust the budgets, launch and advertise it.

The linear, waterfall project management approach can work well, but it can be a risky process completing a tricky and lengthy product build before launching, if you then discover some critical features aren’t right. The innovation won’t solve a customer problem and won’t change their purchase behaviour. There are now better project, design and testing approaches that make it easier to build as you go, learning what's working and what's not with customers, before you invest in expensive mistakes.

Agile and flexible On Tap options

The On Tap insight-driven suite of services takes a flexible, agile approach, so the different design options don’t always have to run sequentially. Uncovering new customer behaviour observations, rapidly creating product concepts to a tight design brief, and prototyping the product experience, should be an iterative process.

We can harness the innovation power of your people, working alongside your internal product, research, design, commercial, operations, digital experience and marketing experts. 

There's more about On Tap services here, but we can mix and match options, combining to create the right boost for your innovation project. On Tap services:









20 years of projects across different sectors, different product innovation and launch projects, working with cross-functional colleagues and international teams, brings the experience to support you to identify the right techniques at the right point in your project.  

Listening to where you are in your innovation process and the obstacles you're facing means we can draw on past projects to judge when more detail is needed, when we don't understand enough, when we need to challenge more, when feedback is telling something isn't right and when to get down to building and launching. 



We can share more about 'What killed the innovation project?' (take a look here), but many projects fail because not enough work goes into uncovering a customer insight, a problem to solve, that everyone recognises and believes in. Prototyping and testing helps to check if your innovation is heading in the right direction in an agile way, but if the customer problem isn't defined correctly, it needs to be adapted fast to keep the innovation design process focused on delivering the right benefits. 


Careful proposition definition

Similarly, products and service experiences are sometimes articulated and defined in a hurry. Flexible projects allow these definitions to evolve, but experience suggests that we still need to challenge ourselves to be specific in how we describe the product or service we want our colleagues to develop.

We need to be a little obsessive about getting it right for the new customer we're designing for. That's why On Tap growth design services focus on uncovering customer behaviour in a connected world - carefully articulating and iterating produce and service features and experiences.

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