On Tap insight and innovation services are designed to unlock the obstacles to innovation project success.

They can be arranged in different orders, run simultaneously, or be repeated to adapt to your project's progress.

It's a flexible solution to tackle fast-moving customer needs and fast-changing business and project needs.



More than just listing out the trends in your industry that you probably already know; workshops and bespoke research to understand how emerging customer behaviour, new products and brands, shifting market economics and new connected technologies might collide, to shape the future of your business.

On Tap brings outside-in thinking to your business, which might challenge some of the past assumptions about the route to successful growth.



Understanding the strengths and potential of your business, starting with your greatest successes. On Tap Brand Space sessions and team collaboration unlocks the new product opportunities for your brand.

  • Unique capabilities What are your special capabilities, the distinctive place in customers' hearts and minds, that allows you to use technology and customer trends in a unique way? 
  • New business model How could new pricing and business models work to deliver new benefits for your customers and reach your commercial goals?
  • Substantiate your brand How could you substantiate the new direction you want to take with your brand, with new product and service proposition innovations?
  • Refresh your brand story How could you re-define the tone of your brand, the way you communicate consistently across all your interactions with customers?
  • Brand positioning choices Are you a challenger or a fast follower? Pioneer or trusted partner?
  • Beacons of change How might you create beacons of change, that encourage people to think differently about your brand and trigger new customers, new buying behaviour?

Brand Space sessions can help you to evolve your brand offer, re-invent your position in the market or create a new brand to pursue a new market opportunity.




Research shouldn't be a tick in the box in the innovation process. It needs to be carefully designed to get to an insight for the customer-led design process. The best insights are articulated in everyday language - a brief and thread for the product and service design that everyone can understand.

  • Real behaviour On Tap designs and carries out research that understands customer behaviour in the real world - marrying the science of data to the art of uncovering human behaviour.
  • Integrating physical and digital With a background in real world and digital innovation, On Tap can draw out a unique view of emerging customer behaviour and needs.
  • Test at every point The On Tap approach designs research for every stage of an innovation project - from early idea testing to checking we're on track to deliver on the original insight.
  • Do what I say? Techniques that understand the importance of what customers say and what customers do. 

It's the heart of customer-led design - creating the right brief, the right mix of research tools and carrying out the right activities. It's all about asking better questions at every stage.



Develop a memorable proposition definition – a distinctive product or service, unique to your brand strengths. A proposition that creates benefits that will cut-through cluttered markets and create a story that your customers will share. 

A series of fast-paced workshop options to boost your project, based on your customer behaviour insight.

  • new research insight and market reviews
  • target customer persona design
  • customer and colleague product/service co-creation
  • new service definition
  • customer experience design
  • pricing/business model options
  • business capability strengths and gaps
  • go to market planning.

Design essential features that must be delivered to meet the insight need. The articulation and iteration of the product or service is critical to bringing your colleagues with you and securing confidence in your project. That's why customer research and concept testing continues throughout.

Experience design will check the customer journey meets expectations, tackling customer pain points, and demonstrates your brand strengths.

A consistent experience across channels The On Tap emphasis on the connected customer ensures that you can create a consistent experience across all channels - with the same strengths in the digital and real world. An 'omnichannel' approach that keeps customers in your brand ecosystem and ensures you capture every commercial opportunity, without frustrating 'drop outs'.



Great product and service experience design needs all of your business talent to bring your innovation to life. The On Tap blueprint process starts at the beginning of your design, by understanding your business capability strengths and commercial model.

  • Build and launch blueprint Cross-functional teams contribute to the design and plan that will take your innovation project to market.
  • Team workshops and business canvas completion will ensure you can identify the capability gaps and the activities that each business function will need to complete before launch.
  • Designing a minimum viable proposition and a growth plan will help the business to make choices and priority activity decisions. 
  • Launch planning and brand-led marketing campaign design can position your new product for successful growth.
  • It's critical that you build a story that everyone understands the same way, focused on a few key benefits the business will develop. 


Ways of working: delivering On Tap services

The flexible On Tap approach means all these innovation design services can be delivered in a way that suits your project and the particular challenges your facing at the moment.

From 'lots of ideas but not enough project clarity', to a lack of momentum around the business, different opinions on priority products and features, or a disappointing response from customers.



Understanding the right questions you need to answer to progress your project. Designing the right research activities, for example...

  • carrying out research in the field
  • accompanied purchases
  • focus / co-creation groups
  • 1:1 interviews
  • day in the life mapping
  • expert panel thinking

Focused on uncovering how the blurring of real world and digital interactions is changing how people live, how they choose product and make purchases.



Designing, preparing and facilitating the critical workshops that will develop your ideas into tangible products and services that your colleagues and customers can understand.

Iterating your designs using customer insight focus, in an enjoyable, informal but challenging setting.

Specialising in using all your communication tools and technology to build a consistent, joined-up, connected experience.



Support with product and service proposition innovation project planning, on a 1:1 or small group basis, for project leaders and senior teams.

Helping you to devise the right insight, design and launch project plan. Support with developing the right mix of team skills and effective ways of working.

Bringing experience of retail product and service innovation, mobile and broadband, digital money, connected health and smart home.



Project team resource is always tight. An experienced innovation programme leader to work alongside your team, or run a proposition design project on an interim basis.

On Tap resource to coordinate senior cross-functional teams and those with specialist lean/agile, UX design and digital prototype skills. An expert innovation project practitioner on a freelance basis. 



Tailored training on rapid innovation design sprints for cross-functional teams and commercial, marketing or design specialists.

Training your colleagues on the On Tap tools and techniques, as stand-alone sessions (eg identifying and articulating behaviour insights, designing connected 'omnichannel' experiences, brand and business storytelling), a complete end to end innovation process, or as training 'on project' alongside our innovation work together.