Innovation needs original thinkers, but ones who understand today's business reality as a starting point. Similar people, thinking similarly, brings 'groupthink' and bland products that don't cut through in the market.

The breakthroughs come from bringing together people from your business, customers and experts who have diverse life experience and can see how future opportunities are evolving. It's the combination that works - creative, commercial, technology, customer, operations experts, collaborating together. 

20 years working with innovation project teams gives access to a network of commercial experts and incredible creatives across diverse businesses. Collaborative challengers can achieve great things in understanding new customers, sharing their knowledge, and debating solutions by design. 

On Tap offers freelance innovation resource, with a network of partners to create an original product or service with a compelling story, to gain momentum with your colleagues and customers.

These partners can offer deeper specialist work or complementary skills.

  • Data analysis
  • Industry experts, including commercial specialists
  • Product and service concept illustration specialists
  • Digital prototype design
  • Digital marketing 
  • Additional specialist research resource